Nikola Tesla Lowe was born in Iowa on April 27th, 1995 and died August 10th, 2010. He lived 15 years with the kinetic energy of a rock star. The video Three Life Lessons Any Person Can Learn From A Puppy was filmed in the mountains near Bailey, Colorado.

Nik was a purebred Jack Russell Terrier. We terrier owners often refer to them as the terrorist of the dog world. Nik was wild, fearless and independent, and I loved him for it. Well in reality the independence grated on my nerves, but hey, I’m not perfect and neither was he.

From our first day together I gave him the nickname of Genius Dog, because of the Nikola Tesla name. I had no idea just how prophetic the moniker would become. Nik actually learned English and would attempt to speak to me. This all started at about the age of nine. I’ve never seen or heard of another dog doing this. He would sit in front of me and chatter in what sounded like a dog language. What I heard was something like, “Arh errh eyeire arh arayer.” It got to be a bit annoying, because once he started to talk he didn’t shut up for three years. There’s that independence again. I wish I could have learned his language for I’m sure we would have had some great conversations. But I guess I’m just not as smart as he was. In fact, I use to warn friends, “Never get a dog that’s smarter than you.”

For a Jack Russell, Nik was very mellow. He had a lot of spirit, but did not have that nervous energy characteristic of the breed. However everything was not calm about Nik. Thunder drove him crazy and he LOVED to runaway. His adventuresome nature would cause him to aimlessly wander. I just learned to keep him close by if I wanted to keep him at all.

The funniest thing I ever saw Nik do was actually something he didn’t do. While sitting in our backyard, about a decade ago, a greyjay decided it had a grudge against Nik. This bird began dive-bombing him. Poor Nik was totally defenseless, and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t come to his aid. The bird darted several times back and forth between a tree and him before I finally gathered my composure enough to became Nik’s knight-in-shining-armor. I was a bit surprised he didn’t try to protect himself against the attack. As energetic as Nik was he didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body, and I will always adore him for that!

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